Lovingly crafting your most sentimental items into bespoke lifelong keepsakes. Memorial jewellery made with ashes of loved ones, locks of hair and preserved breastmilk



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Day Dreamer – Mevisto Sapphire/Ruby

$ 2,704.13$ 3,322.44


Day dreamer – please note that the colour of your stone can not be controlled. You can choose between red, natural or blue but the final look of the stone will depend on the unique dna trace of the provided ashes or hair. Please refer to the colour scale to see what shade your stone might turn like. If you would like a larger stone size, please contact for a quote. All listings are for stones only. If you are considering purchasing a piece of jewellery from us, please get in touch to check stone size and design availability.

Turnaround for orders is between 16-20 weeks


Additional information


Red, Natural, Blue

Stone size

Custom 2.5 mm Glam Gem, 0.5 ct ~ 4.6 mm, 1 ct ~ 6.3 mm, 2 ct ~ 8 mm


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