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Murano Glass Gemstone

$ 478.92$ 867.02


This listing is for a loose Murano Glass Gemstone.

Please refer to the below table for sizes references

Unlike resin gemstones, our Murano Glass stones made with your inclusions, will not change in appearance or degrade with exposure to heat, moisture or UV light like resin.

Your Murano Glass Gemstone can be made with all cremation ashes, hair, breastmilk, embryo ash and all other inclusions.

Please email us to discuss your options further.

Additional information

Murano glass colour

Cristallo, Gaggia, Topazio chiaro, Topazio medio, Topazio scuro, Verde Erba chiaro, Verde Erba medio, Verde Erba scuro, Verde Marino chiaro, Verde Smeraldo chiaro, Verde Smeraldo scuro, Acquamarina Chiara, Acquamarina scura, Acquamarina chiarissima, Ametista chiaro, Ametista medio, Ametista scuro, Grigio, Bluino chiaro, Bluino medio, Bluino scuro, Bleu Cobalto, Nero, Rosa, Giallo, Arancio, Rosso, Alessandrite, Rosato, Acciaio chiaro, Acciaio scuro, Bianco, Anice, Verde Pisella, Verde Nilo, Verde Erba, Verde Petrolia, Pervinca, Celeste chiaro, Celeste Scuro, Turchese chiaro, Turchese scuro, Lapis chiaro, Lapis medio, Lapis cobalto, Grigio chiaro, Grigio scuro, Rosa scuro, Rosa chiaro, Avorio, Grigio Perla, Viola

Gemstone shape

Princess, Oval, Pear, Heart, Round, Emerald, Marquise


0.2ct, 0.5ct, 1ct, 1.5ct, 2ct, 2.5ct, 3ct, 4ct, 5ct