Lovingly crafting your most sentimental items into bespoke lifelong keepsakes. Memorial jewellery made with ashes of loved ones, locks of hair and preserved breastmilk



  • C1880B55-AF75-40CD-A470-0B2AB34FEBF6
  • 237EB780-AE01-47D6-B391-28F23391FABA
  • 7A85605C-6E61-4262-B650-91EE62C52C38
  • A860747A-36F8-4246-918F-C6FFDA6ED037
  • E6FAA670-7F80-4D38-8801-BDF7641CF017
  • 5568E2BE-B9B8-4C58-815D-718EF538D659
  • 1B7C45BF-48D0-4E27-A5FA-B9714165F1E4
  • FE51E53A-B1C7-470A-9A9F-101CB348D1B0
  • 1F8A41DA-A10D-4D5B-942A-EA3BC186F589
  • C8BFF710-25F9-4B64-AF02-B26308E9A4D0
  • 3B109613-3633-4BF6-A566-7A605C5F0BAC
  • A0817E3F-43E9-4CAB-9E9A-4C1CB45EBAE5
  • 27B1D9FC-1EB2-4645-8733-7F9187C80FC4
  • 0B90724D-FAC4-480D-B29F-03FDDAC22C7E
  • EAEDDDAF-59E7-4D86-A77B-6BB141E9FFD4
  • 3BDBD9C7-EB47-4477-9FA9-5CB808F75EC5
  • BE73F5DE-57A5-4AB5-BA81-442044DD3C6F
  • C9258D94-25DF-4D2D-8EAC-D1509C28F588
  • 9C71FE4E-5738-4DE9-B303-1FD495CD4C07
  • 24CFD5BE-E4D5-4941-B032-38C8151FA473
  • D15A9590-9FE4-442F-8E22-6772299157A6
  • 83392960-41AC-40B8-981F-D64D37B4FCEA
  • 5757067B-3ACC-475E-9491-81F7C066CE08

Leather bracelet rectangle stone

$ 555.71$ 2,109.47


This beautiful leather bracelet with Sterling silver clasp comes in 4 colours: black, navy, brown or camel. You can choose any colour stone from the colour tables in the photos section and your choose of metal quality between Sterling silver and gold. Please read below information on the ordering process:

The process to have a keepsake made is:

  1. Order Your keepsake – Please refer to the colours in the photos section to help you decide with choosing your colour option.
  2. Send your precious inclusions  to me with tracking please: P.O. BOX 1417, BAULKHAM HILLS NSW 1755

Ashes: place a quarter of a teaspoon amount into a double zip lock bag and then in a padded envelope

Breast milk: use a syringe to measure no more than 10 ml of milk and place in a double zip lock bag and then in a padded envelope envelope

Locks of hair – place a tiny amount of hair in a small zip lock bag and then in an envelope

Note: any unused inclusions and preserved breastmilk will be returned to you with your keepsake.

3. When I get to your order in line I will make your keepsake and send it back after completion with signature on delivery and insurance via Australia Post.

Please feel free to email me so I can learn more about you, the person I create for, and any other details you would like me to know before I start creating.

NOTE: each and every keepsake I make is individually handcrafted and it is an unique piece of art. If you see some of my work and request similar colours and look, I can accept that but keep in mind no two keepsakes will ever be 100% the same so an exact copy of my previous work is not guaranteed.

You can let us know if you have any questions at all by emailing: info@keepsakesbynicoleta.com.au

Additional information

Select one colour

Grecian blue, Pearl colour, Emerald colour, Diamond colour, Peridot colour, Celestial Blue, Blue Moon, Bleu Ciel, Grigio, Astrid Purple, Amethyst colour, Pure Purple, Black Jade colour, Apricot, Wild Pink, Azure Blue, Rosé, Silver, Moonstone colour, Walnut, Champagné, Sun Yellow, Citrine Colour, Mulberry, True red, Pale lavender

Leather colour

Black, Brown, Navy, Camel

Bracelet size

18 cm, 20 cm, 23 cm

Metal purity

9 k rose gold, 9 k white gold, 9 k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, Sterling silver

Precious inclusions to be sent

Ashes AND/OR Hair, Breastmilk


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