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In an ever-increasing disposable world, I fear we’re losing the ability to create keepsakes that can be passed down through the generations. Mementos that hold memories and stories and tales of the past. Items that are beautifully hand-crafted, with attention to detail and the love of the work poured into them. This is why I created Keepsakes by Nicoleta. 

Over the past few years my work became in such demand I am booked for months in advance. While absolutely love the work that I do, I feel it is important for me to  share the knowledge that I have received as a child from my grandmother.

What is included in the Master Class

There are 5 modules – 5 x 1.5 hours length each – one module per week to allow time for each module to be completed and additional questions to be asked while I am live on video with you. This course requires an intermediate level of sewing knowledge. You need to have access to a sewing machine, know how to operate it and sew a straight line.

Each class will be conducted live in a private online group and will consist of one hour teaching, and 30 minutes of questions and answers session straight after the lesson. There will be a week between each module to allow students to put in practice what they have learnt and to have a chance  to ask questions within the private group for additional guidance. Please don’t worry  about the schedule of the classes. All the live videos will be saved inside our private group and you can  watch them in your own time  and ask questions too. If you require more than one week per class,  that is also not a problem. We understand  that life can get in the way sometimes or that you may want  or need to practice more or go at a slower pace. This is not a fail or pass course. All your keepsakes that you  will create will be unique as you  are and most importantly filled with the love of you making them for your loved ones.

The private group will have a lifetime access for all students so that any additional tips can be added if I add any new information after the completion of the course.

Why Nicoleta’s Master Class?

  • Experience: I have been sewing for over 26 years (since  I was 6 years old). Not just on machines, but hand sewing, embroidery, lacework etc. I know exactly how many stitches you need to reinforce seams to handle extra wear. I create my own patterns and templates that can be adapted to suit materials and embellishments. I know what patterns and colours work well together to make a piece that’s not only practical but stylish.
  • Quality. Keepsakes by Nicoleta has always been about quality – whether it be workmanship, materials or service delivery.
  • Passion: I learnt to sew from my own grandmother who learn from her own mother and Grandmother. Creating is a tradition past over generations to me and it gives me great pleasure to be able to pass on the knowledge over generations in where there are no time and distance barriers.

When I create, I find a place of peace within. Time  stands still. There is no pain. Creating for others is healing for them but at the same time healing and almost cleansing for myself. Being able to teach others how to create such precious memories, which made by your own hands will become family heirlooms for generations, gives me the greatest pleasure and drive.


The 5 modules will comprise the following information:

  1. Machinery, maintenance, and materials (including list of suppliers Nicoleta recommends and uses)
  2. How to choose the appropriate clothing  to work with
  3. Preparation of the clothing for the cutting stage
  4. Creating your own template/pattern for your quilt
  5. Tips and tricks to arrange squares (pattern pieces)
  6. Preparing the squares (pattern pieces) for sewing
  7. Sewing your quilt (many lessons and tricks Nicoleta uses to get the top of the quilt as close to perfect as possible)
  8. Preparing the quilt top for layering
  9. Sewing/quilting your keepsake blanket
  10. Binding
  11. Care instructions for your final keepsake


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* First class starting  1st of March 2019

* once classes have commenced purchases are non refundable.

* the entire content of the masterclass is a Copyright of Keepsakes by Nicoleta and can not be reproduced, resold or shared with anyone outside the private group. Legal action will be taken against anyone who is infringing our Copyright


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