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Private listing Melissa J

$ 2,223.54


Round French set ring in Platinum – round 5.2 mm prong set keepsake stone (~ 0.5 Ct stone size) made with precious inclusions.

Ring Specifications
Weight: 2.769 DWT (4.31 grams)
Approx. Shoulder Width: 1.88 mm
Material: Platinum
Approx. Shank Base Thickness: 1.4 mm
Ring Back Design: closed back

Diamonds: GH I-IJ

6 x ROUND 1.70 mm
French Set

2 x ROUND 1.60 mm
French Set

2 x ROUND 1.40 mm
French Set

2 x ROUND 1.30 mm
French Set

2 x ROUND 1.10 mm
French Set

2 x ROUND 1.00 mm
French Set

Our turnaround is 12-14 weeks from the time I receive the precious inclusions as each and every piece of jewellery is custom made

Additional information

Main stone colour

Grecian blue, Pearl colour, Emerald colour, Diamond colour, Peridot colour, Celestial Blue, Blue Moon, Bleu Ciel, Grigio, Astrid Purple, Amethyst colour, Pure Purple, Black Jade colour, Apricot, Wild Pink, Azure Blue, Rosé, Silver, Moonstone colour, Walnut, Champagné, Sun Yellow, Citrine Colour, Mulberry, Pure red, Pale lavender


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