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  • 61321920-1EB6-4F05-A204-BC04792DD3BC
  • 82C42857-0E1E-4065-9B84-DBC7073FA5A7
  • Entwined memories ring made with preserved breastmilk and pearl colour stacked with Serenity crown band made in champagne colour with precious ashes
  • 46E74198-E279-4EC6-9B23-48BB20A4B2D9
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  • 96355E79-3A06-40FA-823C-0C3A033FC984
  • 5F4E1137-F551-48FC-88F1-B954FB71AE11
  • 01D9133E-0B78-41F7-BB70-F0819A69812C
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  • 400B6385-62C9-40ED-B2C7-D103435A0A5F

Serenity Crown Ring

$ 720.31$ 2,110.36

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Serenity crown – bezel set contour band mounting – 1 x pear shape keepsake stone with precious inclusions – 4.5x3mm, 2 x pear shape keepsake stones with precious inclusions – 4×2.5mm, 2 x round genuine diamonds 1.8mm

Sizing – A ring sizer is sent home for all ring orders.  All prices for rings are estimated for sizing up to US size 9 or AU size R3/4 and smaller.  Larger custom sizing can be arranged here.

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You can let us know if you have any questions at all by emailing us at info@keepsakesbynicoleta.com.au

Please note every item is individually handcrafted, and is a unique piece of art.  Although I can craft to replicate previous colours, the nature of my craft means no two items can ever look the same.  You can rest assured that your item is completely one-of-a-kind.

Additional information


Astrid Purple, Black Jade, Bleu Ciel, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Grecian Blue, Grigio, Pearl, Peridot, Rosé, True Red

Metal purity

14k rose gold, 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, Platinum, Sterling silver

Precious inclusions to be sent

Cremated Remains, Hair/Fur, Breastmilk


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