Lovingly crafting your most sentimental items into bespoke lifelong keepsakes. Memorial jewellery made with ashes of loved ones, locks of hair and preserved breastmilk


Care Instructions

Caring For Your Keepsakes and Jewellery

I only work with the very highest quality of materials.  With proper care and maintenance, your jewellery and keepsakes can last a lifetime.

General Care for Resin Items

Every resin item I craft is precious and sentimental.  In most cases, they contain inclusions that are irreplaceable.  Care should be taken to avoid excessive exposure to heat, moisture and UV light.  Resin items should never be exposed chemicals, oils or perfumes.  These factors can discolour and degrade resin.

Ring Care

Your rings should be removed if you are doing manual, heavy work with your hands, for example moving heavy furniture, yardwork, using heavy machinery or weightlifting.  You should not wear your rings while showering, bathing or cleaning.  You should protect your rings from cosmetics, perfumes, aerosol sprays and any other household cleaners.

Additionally, activities that involve hard gripping, like biking, lawn mowing, gardening or using some workout machines, can cause damage to the ring band, creating excessive wear or squashing the band, leaving it misshapen.

These instructions apply to all of my rings, whether they contain resin or genuine gemstones.

Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies

These stones have the highest rating for hardness of all of the stones, indeed they are some of the hardest substances on earth.  But if you’re unlucky enough to hit them on a precise point, they can still crack or chip.  Although these stones will not discolour or degrade with exposure to the elements, a task as simple as washing the dishes or doing laundry can put your ring at risk of not only a cracked or chipped stone, but also getting your ring snagged, causing the stone to loosen or fall out.

Rings made with diamonds, rubies and sapphires can withstand ultrasonic and steam cleaning, which is important to know for when you take your ring to a jeweller to have it inspected and cleaned.

Other Gemstones

All gemstones are unique and their ability to tolerate various elements vary greatly, from one stone to another.  Jewellers use the Mohs scale of mineral hardness to rate the hardness of a gemstone, and this rating can be used to identify how susceptible a stone will be to cracking, chipping or degrading, how it should be cared for and what it should be protected from.  You can learn more about caring for other gemstones here.