Lovingly crafting your most sentimental items into bespoke lifelong keepsakes. Memorial jewellery made with ashes of loved ones, locks of hair and preserved breastmilk



Here at Keepsakes By Nicoleta, I take deep pride in every single item I make.

My hands are experienced. My eyes are careful and meticulous. My heart and soul are bursting to give you something that you will love and cherish forever.

Everything I make is handcrafted, so the appearance of colours and finishing can vary. I consider these small differences to reflect the uniqueness and individuality of the people for whom I am crafting.

I truly hope your order will exceed your expectations.

I guarantee to repair or replace any items for up to s

twelve months after delivery if there is a defect relating to the quality of any metal findings or settings.

Repair and replacement of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold items is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.

This warranty excludes repair for damage caused by anything other than a defect relating to the quality of any metal findings or settings. This warranty does not cover any damage that arises as a result of failure to adhere to my care instructions, or from neglect, abuse or general wear and tear.

The keepsakes I make with jewellery grade resin, should never be exposed to excessive heat, moisture or UV light. They should never be exposed to chemicals, oils or perfumes. This exposure can deeply affect the colour of any of my resin items, as well as the superficial and structural quality of the stones which have the same stone integrity as pearls and opals

To allow your keepsakes to last a lifetime, regular care is required. Documented, periodic inspections are ideal.

As noted in my care instructions, I recommend you remove jewellery before doing dishes, cleaning, showering or swimming. Water and chemicals can discolour and damage your jewellery, and also loosen any stones attached.

Jewellery should be worn after cosmetics, hairspray and perfumes have been used, to avoid contact with substances and chemicals that can cause damage to my resin stones.

I can repair some things, but your item is one-of-a-kind, and if I have crafted with your precious inclusions, it may not be possible for me to make you a new stone.