Exclusive artisan handcrafted Keepsake jewellery and Art with inclussions such as: breastmilk, ashes and locks of hair to help remember and celebrate the most beautiful moments in your life. 4-6 weeks turnaround

*orders placed after 15 November 2018 will be made in 2019

Since starting Keepsakes by Nicoleta in February 2016, I made hundreds of keepsakes for hundreds of people around the world. My passion for creating and helping people celebrate life, no-mater which stage they are at, has grown more and more and I would like now, to be able to teach people to create for themselves and their loved ones while I continue to create too.

Don’t forget to join my DIY Community group on Facebook: “Keepsakes by Nicoleta – DIY Community” for tips and tutorials to help you create your precious keepsakes.

*limited number until 15 November 2018 – new release after this date will be announced in Jan 2019

From plush children’s toys and quilted blankets that are flawlessly handcrafted, to family heirlooms and angel keepsakes that offer a piece of peace, each keepsake is as unique as the memory it captures. 

*turnarround: 10-12 weeks from order date

A very special collection of keepsake diy kits for the crafty person who would love to create his/her own keepsake. Delivery times – 3-5 business days

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