FAQ -Ordering process

ORDERING PROCESS – INFO SHEET  and Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a keepsake made?

1. Place your order

2. Send your precious items  to:


3. Once I pick up the parcel from the PO BOX, I will let you know that it has arrived.

4. When I get to your order in line, I will make your keepsake and send back to you with any leftover materials and I will advise the tracking number. ALL PARCELS FEATURE SIGNATURE ON DELIVERY AND INSURANCE

5. If you wish to give a Keepsake as a gift to someone, you can also purchase a gift voucher from our shop.

How many pieces of clothing do you need?

Baby clothes

Your Baby clothes keepsake will be made from your baby’s special clothes and can be personalised with their name, dob, weight or anything you would like (just add Personalise my Keepsake to cart and leave the details in notes at checkout)

To make your keepsake classical bear I require 6-7 items of clothing and for the miniature bears 1-2 pieces of clothing

To make your keepsake cushion I will require 4-5 pieces of baby clothing.

Does all the fabric has to be same type and consistency? 
I’m very confident working with most types of fabrics and combining them. The only ones I really don’t work with are intimate wear and swimsuits.

Finer materials and stretchy materials (baby clothing and some adult clothing)  are usually backed with a super fine but strong interfacing to ensure longevity of keepsake

When we submit the pieces of clothing how do we know where you will use each piece on the final product? Are we able to say where we would like them used?

With me you can choose to have as much or as little input as you would like. I always ask first if you would like sneak peeks or keep the keepsake a surprise. Approximately 90% of the keepsakes I made, I have been trusted to use my own judgement in making them. In saying that, I work closely with my customers and I like to ask questions and to know which are the favourite items; if you have any special requests, if you want to share with me stories and special memories along with the clothing you send and so on. I had customers asking me to use certain fabrics in certain places of the keepsake and that is never an issue or concern with me as my main priority is that you have a keepsake you love and treasure forever. I would add that all the leftover fabric is nicely packaged and sent back to you and my parcels have insurance and signature on delivery.

If you are at all unsure if something will work please feel free to message me and I will help you narrow down to maximise the look and potential

Adult Clothing keepsakes:

To make your keepsake classical bear or miniature bear I need 1-2 pieces of clothing

To make your keepsake cushion I will require minimum 1 piece of clothing.


How does a GIFT VOUCHER work?

When you order your gift voucher select the amount you would like to purchase and leave in notes at check out the following details



(Optional: Message to be written on separate card to your gift recipient)

The expiry date on all gift vouchers is 3 years from the date of purchase.


•It is a requirement that all the clothes are washed before sending and all packages labelled with your name you placed order on and order number

•Prices are subject to change without notice

•Gift vouchers are not transferable.  3 years valid from time of issue Please read carefully the expiry date as we are not legally liable as per ACCC Australia and NSW FairTrading to honour the expired vouchers. More info here: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/misleading-claims-advertising/gift-cards-discount-vouchers#gift-cards-and-vouchers

Can I change my mind and cancel an order? You can cancel an order within the first 24 hours with full refund since placing the order. Unfortunately for change of mind after more than 24 hours attracts a 50% fee so you will be refunded only 50% of your purchase on this case. 

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact: nicoleta@keepsakesbynicoleta.com.au

Keepsakes by Nicoleta prides itself on the high standard of workmanship that goes into every piece of custom made jewellery. Reflecting our high quality standards, all our custom made jewellery comes guarantee against faults in materials and workmanship.

Our guarantee covers any defect caused by faulty materials or workmanship. Our guarantee does not cover defects relating to general wear and tear, scratching, damage caused by accidents, neglect or misuse, or any resulting loss of the item or precious stones from the item. If the item has been repaired or modified by someone other than ourselves the guarantee is void.

In the rare event of a problem, please inform us and bring back your piece as soon as possible for inspection. Items that are covered by the guarantee will be repaired free of charge. Items that are not covered will be quoted for repair.

Our keepsake stones are set in resin grade jewellery and have to be treated with outmost love the same way you treat pearls. Do not expose them to chemicals, extreme heat and avoid getting them exposed to water especially chlorine pool water and during shower times.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact: nicoleta@keepsakesbynicoleta.com.au

10 thoughts on “FAQ -Ordering process

  1. I am wanting a price on a king size adult memory blanket please?
    Also how long does it take roughly to be made?

    1. Hello Stephanie, please feel free to browse the website at Keepsake quilts category. There is a drop down where you can choose the size of your quilt and the price will automatically update on it 🙂 if you have any questions please contact me at: nicoleta@keepsakesbynicoleta.com.au

      Current wait times are 12-16 weeks for quilts

  2. Hello my name is jacque ,my mum recently passed away , I would like to make 2 or 3 blankets from them , could you please help

    1. Hi Roslin, you can see prices in the shop from the home page. Click on handmade keepsakes and feel free to browse designs. Xx

  3. Hi I have a about 16 jumpers that I would like to be made into a memory blanket
    Am I able to drop them off as they will be heave to post.

    1. Hi Julie, you can post in a prepaid 5 kg satchel or box or keep an eye out on my Facebook page for events where you can come drop off the items xx

  4. Hi Nicoleta
    I’d love a ring made with some ashes from my Golden Retriever Harry. How much in weight do you need to make a ring as I don’t want to send you the whole lot as there is quite a bit. I’d also like a quote also?

    1. Hi Sue, I only need a quarter of a teaspoon. Anything left that I don’t use gets sent back to you. You can have a look on my jewellery category (link on the home page here on my website) or if you don’t see a design you like? Feel free to email me for a custom design. Nicoleta xx

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