Emerald Entwined Memories Ring, Murano glass


Exclusive artisan handcrafted Keepsakes with inclusions such as: breastmilk, ashes and locks of hair to help remember and celebrate the most beautiful moments in your life.



*hard gemstones *inclusions visible - may present bubbles *stones do not discolour *can be scratched when performing hard manual activities like mowing, weight lifting at gym *hardness on Mohs scale 5.5 *various array of colours to choose from *hair and breastmilk will melt but traces can be seen *comparable hardness with Obsidian, Tsavorite, Jade, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Morganite *made in Australia


*soft gemstones *inclusions are very visible regardless of hair, ashes or breastmilk *stones may discolour in time if in contact with chemicals, UV light and constant moisture - avoid performing hard manual labour *hardness on Mohs scale 4.5 comparable to Pearls Opals, Fluorite, Lapis and Turquoise in their integrity *extensive colour list to choose from *easy to customise colours *made in Australia

MEVISTO gemstones - created sapphires and rubies

*very hard gemstones (created sapphires/rubies) *inclusions are not visible in the gemstone - crystal clear look *stones don't discolour *hard to scratch *hardness on Mohs scale:9 *can choose colour: blue, red or natural *the colour shade is determined by the DNA of the precious inclusions *made in Austria


What Our Customers Say

"To anyone suffering loss who yearns to keep their loved one close, I highly recommend a piece of beautiful keepsake jewellery from Nicoleta. Even during the challenging time of Covid, Nicoleta made the process simple. She was reassuring, warm and efficient. You can really tell that she cares about each client and the loved one they’ve lost. My keepsake ring with created sapphire is nothing short of spectacular, and I shall treasure it always. Thank you Nicoleta xx"
Ash O
"My beloved parcel came today.. what a wonderful way to keep our loved ones so close! Fantastic experience from beginning to end.. recommend Nicoleta 100%.. quality products.. love love love"
Dainty Little Charm with Precious ashes
Anna N
"From start to finish Nicoleta has been amazing to deal with. Nothing was a bother from the seemingly hundreds of questions I asked to the last minute change to my original stone after I discovered a long lost lock of hair from my Dad to add with my Mum's hair. Nicoleta waited it to arrive all the way from England before creating a brand new stone to complete my ring, I haven't taken it off since I received it. It has truly brought me a sense of calm, I will treasure it always. My little world sitting on my finger"
Heart pendant keepsake with ashes and red colour
Lee L
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