Hi, I’m Nicoleta and I love to create beautiful keepsakes from your loved items  so you can cherish them forever. 

Keepsakes by Nicoleta grew out of a love for my Grandmother, crafting and my baby girl Kathryn. Just like a family heirloom, Grandma passed down the art and love of sewing to me. She took the time to teach a cheeky little 6 year old how to sit still and create beautiful things with her hands. And now each time I sit down to create your beautiful keepsake, I feel like I am with her again.

How it all started?

I began making keepsakes out of cherished newborn baby clothes when my baby girl was only 4 months. With great sadness I put away the clothes she had already outgrew of. One day I realised I could do something with them, something that would allow me to look at them every day: A KEEPSAKE BEAR. (actually two because she had too many outfits I loved and I couldn’t decide which one to use). After that, I wanted to give other mums a new way to preserve those special memories so they can be enjoyed every day, rather than boxing them up and storing them out of sight.

The days of learning to crawl, sleepless nights and so many nappy changes go by so fast. Memories can fade, but with a precious reminder in view it can seem like just yesterday (minus the nappy smell…). These special children’s keepsakes are my “Oh-so-cute” Collection.

As my business evolved, I realised that I could create something priceless for those who have lost loved ones. From softies, pillows and memory quilts to anything else you can think of. I can turn the clothes of a loved one who is no longer with us, into cherished mementos. Making these keepsakes has a special place in my heart as I too have experienced the loss of a very important person in my life: my beautiful Grandmother.

Finally, and most recently, I began creating timeless and elegant keepsakes from wedding gowns. These exquisite couture keepsakes are heirloom pieces made to be admired and cherished for generations to come.


Like most of my customers, you probably found me by word of mouth. Taking your item and creating the highest quality keepsake is a true joy. Trusting someone with that item isn’t easy. However, it is my promise that your keepsake will be crafted with the love and kindness that my Grandma embodied. Just like her gift to me was creating, my gift to you is memories that last a lifetime. See what others have to say in my reviews page. Whether you’re wanting a keepsake teddy bear, a memory quilt or something entirely different; I would love to help. If you’re ready to create something beautiful to preserve your dearest memories, get in touch.

To read more about me and my story, head over to this blog, where I answer a variety of questions and open up in telling a little bit more about me and my story: https://loveauntyamy.com/meet-nicoleta-babe-behind-business-keepsakes-nicoleta/

Keepsakes-by nicoleta