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I can help you choose the right colour combination

Which Colour Will Look Best?

Which colour will look best?  Sometimes it can be really hard to imagine how colours will look together.  Will your choices look good?  Could the stone colour and metal colour clash?  Choosing the right combination can feel difficult.

A lot of people who reach out to me, aren’t sure what they want yet.  Guiding people through the process of choosing is an honour.  There is never any single right answer, because each person’s preferences are as unique as those individuals themselves.

Lauren’s Hidden Gem ring was to be made with a citrine stone (with her preserved breastmilk to be hidden beneath the citrine).  Citrine is  her birth stone (she is born in late November).  Citrine has unique spiritual qualities, that Lauren values.

I share a lot of my finished pieces on Instagram and Facebook, but this was the first ring of this design that I had made before. Besides, sometimes a customer wants to see something that hasn’t been done before.  Unique orders are hard to envision without help.

Rose Gold is Lauren’s favourite.  Even so, she didn’t know how the citrine would look with it.  For this reason, she was considering having the ring made with another metal.

Thankfully, I am able to digitally create pictures of rings.  For Lauren, I was able to create images of what citrine would look like, set in yellow, white and rose gold.  As a result, the pictures helped Lauren.  The rose gold and citrine look beautiful together.

My custom resin stones are individually hand-made, so the results will often vary.  But for the Hidden Gem rings, I can help you choose the right band colour just like I helped Lauren.  She made the right choice.