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Your Ring In Your Size

I can make your ring in your size.

Our prices advertised on the website are estimated for rings up to US size 9 or AU size R3/4. Anything bigger than this size is considered a custom size. I quote custom sizes on request.  Email me if you would like to talk about pricing for custom sizes.


I Can Make Your Ring In Your Size – Even If It’s Large

Any size at all.  I do not charge one single price for larger sizes, because some customers would end up paying more than they should, and others would pay less.  It doesn’t feel fair to do this. The pricing for larger sizes is variable, and depends on the exact sizing, the metal purity of your ring and also the current gold price.  If you need a larger ring size, I will consider these factors and will customise a price just for you.  Email me so I can quote your larger ring size.  


3 Ways To Determine Your Ring Size

You can easily determine your ring size by downloading this Printable Ring Size guide, and printing it onto A4 paper.  And then you will see the three methods to determine your ring size.

1. Cut out the printed ring sizer in Section 1, wrap it around your finger as per the printed instructions, and read your measured size

2. Using a ring that fits the finger you plan on wearing your new ring on, hold it over the circles in Section 2, until you find the circle that most closely matches the inside diameter of your own ring.  Read the size from the inside of the circle.

3. Wrap a piece of string around your finger, taking care not to pull it too tightly (as your ring should fit comfortably without being too tight).  Measure the length of string that was around your finger and compare the length (circumference) to the sizing chart in Section 3


I will send a ring sizer in the mail after you place your order anyway. If you order a standard-sized ring but actually need a larger than 9 or R3/4, it’s OK.  When we know your size I can let you know the price difference.


Larger Rings Cost More To Make

The extra cost for making a larger ring size does not earn me a higher profit, it goes directly to my suppliers.

Let me explain.

When you order one of my rings, I take your ring size.  Then my jeweller makes your ring.  Every ring order is a custom order.  

Your ring is made just for you. As per your order, in your size, using a 3D printer.  We  uses CAD (Computer Aided Design) files to tell the printer what your ring should look like.

Larger rings require some extra work.  Ladies rings above a size 9 are large in size.  Men’s rings above size 16 are large too.  If you need a ring that’s larger than standard sizing, it costs more to make.

There are two reasons for this:

– Redesigning.  The band can’t be made bigger (and wider) – the setting (the parts of the ring that hold the stone/s in place) will be altered.  This is to both ensure the stones are held securely in place, but to also ensure the ring’s proportions look correct, and true to the photos we use to advertise.  A jewellery expert then modifies the CAD design so the larger ring can be made.  This ensures the integrity of your ring’s design. 

– This costs more in raw materials (eg gold, silver or platinum)


You may be wondering if I could have your ring made in a standard size, and then simply have the band resized afterwards.  This method may be slightly cheaper, however the finished ring would not be up to the same standard of quality that I strive for in all of my other orders.  I am not comfortable giving customers with larger sizing, an inferior product.

Give me the chance to make the ring of your dreams.